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Few things are as important as the air you breathe.

AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifiers capture airborne viruses and reduce the proliferation of respiratory irritants and allergy and asthma triggers. Reduce odors from cooking, pets, and tobacco smoke for fresher and cleaner air. Lengthen your HVAC system’s life and improve your home’s energy-efficiency by reducing dust buildup.

Whole-House Indoor Air Quality products work with your HVAC system to treat the air throughout your home, and can help improve your family’s health, comfort and finances by controlling temperature, humidity, air purity and air freshness.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose a genuine AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifier, you’re choosing Healthy Air. You’re also helping to both protect your HVAC systems from fewer service calls and to make them last. Genuine AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifiers are specifically engineered to work with your AprilAire Air Filter. Whole-house air purifiers work to remove harmful particulates from your home’s air such as mold, pet dander, airborne viruses, pollen, and odors. Our whole-house air purifiers help create Healthy Air for your entire home, not just space or a room, and can help reduce triggers for allergy and asthma sufferers. With our Pure Fit Promise and Event-Based Cleaning with Programmable Thermostat, delivering Healthy Air to your home has never been simpler.

Remove Pollutants

Air Purifier traps common airborne pollutants like viruses, allergy and asthma triggers, among others.

Protect Your Home

Keep your HVAC system working more efficiently, minimizing repair costs and extending service life.

Identifies Climate Conditions

Manage your whole-house air purifier with a simple-to-use control that's conveniently located in your living space.

An All-In-One Healthy Air Solution

Fill your home with Healthy Air for improved virus protection, greater health, increased productivity, and better sleep with the all-in-one AprilAire Healthy Air System®.

What's Included:

Air Purifier Videos

Looking for more information on AprilAire Air Purifiers? Below you will find various videos related to AprilAire Air Purifiers, how to maintain peak performance, and the benefits of air filtration.

Air Purification

Building a Healthy Home

Indoor air quality is comprised of four main elements: humidity, temperature, air purity and ventilation. Whether you’re building, renovating or simply trying to maintain a

AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifier

How to Replace the Air Filter

Join AprilAire Assistant National Training Manager, Brandon, as he walks through how to replace the air filter in an AprilAire Whole-House Air Purifier.

Healthy Air and

Spring Allergies

Spring allergies are a common wellness concern, impacting millions of Americans each year. AprilAire Whole-Home Air Purifiers can trap up to 99%* of allergy and asthma

Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly. The AprilAire Air Cleaner eliminates the dust that would typically gather in the blower compartment or on the air conditioning coil of your HVAC equipment, minimizing wear and tear and effectively prolonging its life span.

Annual maintenance is recommended and includes replacing your air filter. It is simple and takes less than a minute. No tools, washing, or vacuuming required. Your Healthy Air Professional may suggest replacing it sooner or later depending on your unique home.

While no air cleaner can remove the need to dust entirely, AprilAire Air Cleaners can greatly reduce the level of dust throughout your home. Here are some tips for maximum dust removal using your air cleaner:

  • Run the unit continuously for optimal air cleaning
  • If not running continuously all the time, run the unit on continuous operation while vacuuming and for a short while afterwards