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Custom Ductwork System Evaluation And Design

Do you feel temperature change while walking through your home? Do you have that one hot or cold room that never seems to feel comfortable? At Coastal Cooling Inc. we know what to look for when it comes to evaluating the duct system in your home. We train our staff to be alert and observant while in your attic space. This allows our technicians to consult with the homeowner regarding any red flags we may identify.
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Ductwork System Repair And Replacement

At Coastal we help you maximize the output and efficiency of your systems mechanical equipment. Don’t let improper duct sizing and design affect your high efficiency equipment’s total output. Our staff is well versed with the latest Florida Building Code HVAC installation practices. This allows our firm to provide the highest quality ductwork system installation or replacement.

Building Envelope Diagnostics / Attic Conditions

Every home is different when it comes to your attic space. Coastal Cooling Inc. specializes in diagnosing problematic building envelope and attic conditions. We provide a building science evaluation to assist identifying humidity and ventilation issues in your home and attic space.
We utilize real time temperature and humidity loggers which provide precise data in order to diagnose the problem. This allows our team to custom balance the building envelope which maximizes system output as well as overall indoor air quality.
We service Lee, Collier, & Charlotte counties including Fort Myers and Sanibel Island.
Ductwork Installation on Sanibel Coastal Cooling