Why is my Air Conditioner Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

Air conditioner units tripping the circuit breaker is a common issue that we see when customers call in. With summers in Florida being so hot and humidity, it’s important to you to have your air conditioner reliably cooling your home. If your air conditioner breaker is constantly being tripped by your unit, there may be a few reasons behind it

  1. Overheated motor.
    If it has been some time since you have replaced your filter or serviced your unit, odds are good that your air conditioning motor is working overtime. The motor runs the fans and compressor, but if its overworked, it can overheat and melt the insulation along the wires, potentially causing an electrical fire. When it overheats, it usually shorts out, causing the breaker to trip to avoid the fire. This means that the motor will need to be replaced.
  2. Dirty coils on your condenser.
    Your outdoor units coils are responsible for releasing the heat outside your home. But over time dirt accumulates on the coils and needs to be removed. When the coils are excessively dirty, the unit cannot easily release the heat and the the heat increases inside your system, which makes the system work harder to release that heat, meaning it uses more electricity to do so. This excessive electrical draw can sometimes cause your breakers to trip. Contact your air conditioning contractor so that they can clean the coils and service your unit.
  3. A hard-starting compressor.
    If your compressor is requiring too much electrical pressure at the start of its cooling cycle, it is said to be a hard-starting compressor. This electrical pressure drain on the amps can cause the circuit breaker to trip. Often your air conditioner technician can install a hard start kit to the compressor that delivers the necessary electrical power when it starts.

Make sure that you’re regularly maintaining your unit to avoid an overheated motor or dirty coils and that your air conditioning technician fully checks your unit to be sure that your compressor isn’t hard-starting. With a little bit of diligence on the end of your air conditioning contractor, you can avoid your air conditioning tripping the circuit breaker.

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