The Day your Air Conditioning Unit Broke

Thermostat HeatAs we move into fall and the weather starts to cool just a little bit, we’re focusing on our air conditioning unit a little bit less. Those concerning symptoms that we may have seen in peak summer aren’t as big of a concern – those noises or the way that your unit seemed to be struggling to get your house to temperature are less worrisome. But they’re still there. And ultimately ignoring these symptoms can lead to bigger issues. Eventually they’ll cause your unit to break down. You don’t often think about what could happen – you’re generally just content to go about your day in the comfort of 75 degrees. But what happens when that ignored air conditioner breaks? It is so easy to ignore symptoms of bigger problems. As a little reminder of what happens when your air conditioner breaks down – we want to lay out your day:

Your house creeps up in temperature.
It doesn’t happen all at once – but the air stops moving in your home and you’ll turn the ceiling fans up. But gradually the temperature in your home will rise. First to 78, then 80, then 82…. and in the peak of the afternoon maybe as high as 84. You’ll fight between opening up your windows and keeping them closed to the air doesn’t keep getting hotter. It’ll be pretty miserable.

You’ll have to take off work to wait for the air conditioning contractor.
You’ll need someone to be there when your air conditioning contractor arrives, and because dispatches give their technicians full schedules, odds are good they may not be able to get someone out there right away. Best case scenario you’re sitting in your hot house, or maybe at this point you’ve moved to your car.

You’ll have to pay for the repair.
If you’re lucky, you’ve found an air conditioning company that can come out that day that’s honest – but you’ll have to pay for the repair. This can range anywhere from $150 to $500 to thousands if you end up having to replace your unit.

You may have to find money to replace your unit.
It’s hard to tell exactly what the issue is before a technician arrives, but if that technician breaks the bad news that you have to replace your unit, you’ll be forced to find a few thousand dollars or more to replace it so that you can get your home cooling again.

You’ll have to wait until they can replace your unit.
In a perfect world, they would replace your unit right then and there – but that’s not always in the schedule. You also may want to get competing quotes from other air conditioning companies to ensure that your price is competitive. Hopefully the contractor can send someone out to replace the unit same day, but that’s not always the case.

Being an optimist is a great thing, and no one really wants to think of the worst-case-scenario when it comes to expensive repairs or replacements. But the fact is that if you ignore maintenance on your air conditioning unit, it will eventually break and you’ll be left with a situation just like this. Take the time to maintain your unit in the off-season of fall and gain the peace of mind in knowing about how much longer your air conditioning unit will last.

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