Planned maintenance is important to you HVAC systems. In addition to keeping your system running longer, it ensures that the system is running to its highest capability. With our maintenance contracts, you can experience peace of mind, professional emergency service scheduling, and 10% discount on additional repair performed by us, among other great perks.

What do we do?
1 Check refrigerant pressures (adding freon not included)
2 Check motor amp draw
3 Check belts*
4 Check accessible ductwork for leaks
5 Clean evaporator coil*
6 Clean condenser coil
7 Check thermostat calibration
8 Check electrical connections
9 Check and clean filter*
10 Clean condensate drain system
11 Oil motors*
12 Check all starting components
13 Check heating elements (seasonal)
14 Advise of equipment condition

* – If accessible and applicable

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