Clean Environment Technology: Should you Get an AirScrubber Plus?

Little girl making aerosol treatment with a rubber masks

At Coastal Cooling we take air quality very seriously. Indoor air pollution is a very serious issue that impacts the health of your family. The EPA has ranked indoor air pollution among the top 5 environmental health risks and states that the best way to address the risk is to eliminate the source of the pollution. From pet dander to seasonal pollen to plain dust and dander, it can be difficult to keep these out of your home. AirScrubber is a great air purification system that we sell to help condition the air in your home by eliminating the source of the pollution. Here are a few clean environment technologies that AirScrubber uses to keep the air in your home clean:

ActivePure Technology
This process uses a honeycomb cell coated with a formulation of non-nano titanium dioxide and several transition elements. A broad spectrum light source of 185-400 nm is located adjacent to the “target” cell. Oxygen and water molecules in the air react with the UV and coated cell to produce superoxide ions, hydroxyls and Hydrogen peroxide. These all work together to oxidize and purify the air.
Ozone is naturally occurring in the air the we breathe every day. It serves as a disinfectant and we use it to purify our drinking water, swimming pools and spas. It is also used widely in HVAC for disinfection and to destroy mildew, fungus, smoke and mold. This technology allows us to control odors and micro-organisms without going beyond the EPA exposure limits.
Ions do not form on their own, but are crated by the effect of energy. Energy sources that create ions are the sun’s radioactivity, electricity or friction. Negative ions are generally produced in large numbers in situations where water evaporates. After a rainstorm, the air will typically be rich in negative ions. This is natures way of cleaning the air. activTek products emulate this natural phenomenon in nature by cleaning the air in your home with negative ions created electrically and through friction.

Controlling pollutants within your home is essential to the health and wellbeing of your family. In order to avoid issues with allergens and asthma in your home and help your family breathe easier, we highly recommend an air purification system. We’ve done the diligence for you and know that the Air Scrubber Plus is one of the top air purification devices on the market right now.

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