4 Things Impacting your Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is so important and while we’ve discussed it at length, it’s important that you know what factors are actually impacting your indoor air quality. We spend a lot of time indoors and having good quality air to breathe in can keep us healthier and avoid complicating existing respiratory issues and allergies.

Here are a few things that are impacting your indoor air quality in your home:

  1. Mold and bacteria.
    Even the most diligent cleaner cannot avoid bacteria and mold buildup inside the air conditioning unit and throughout your home. The indoor air that we breathe is full of biological contaminants such as these. They’re impacting your indoor air quality and the right air purifier can help you eliminate these contaminants
  2. Cleaning chemicals.
    It’s ironic that many of the chemicals that we use to eliminate mold and bacteria in our homes can actually also impact our indoor air quality. Breathing these pathogens into our lungs can be detrimental and it’s important to reduce the use of chemicals in your home wherever possible and have an appropriate air purification system that can also eliminate these chemicals on a molecular level.
  3. Smoke.
    Whether you have a fire place, wood burning stove, or a smoker in your home. Smoke can be particularly damaging There is plenty of research showing how bad secondhand smoke is for your health and lungs. Smoke can seriously impact your indoor air quality, you health and even lead to cancer if you smoke inside your home.
  4. Ventilation.
    It’s important that you home have appropriate ventilation to ensure that pathogens, germs and other harmful things in your air can escape and good air can get in. Make sure that you have a balanced ventilation system in your home to help with your air quality.

While you can reduce the number of pathogens and germs in your home with your everyday efforts by using greener cleaning solutions, avoiding smoke inside your home and cleaning diligently, it’s important that you consider an air purification solution to cover what you miss. Air purification systems are built with specific technology to improve the quality of your indoor air and eliminate pathogens before they impact your health.

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